The ImagineNative Film + Media Arts Festival

North-South-East-West exhibited at ImagineNative Toronto Ontario, 2004.


The ImagineNative Film + Media Arts Festival of Toronto Ontario featured the North-South-East-West (DVD), in October 2004.


North-South-East-West (The Flash Interface), North-South-East-West (The Installation) and The Metis Media Installation are interactive media projects that explore traditional Aboriginal culture through modern digital technologies. The work has been exhibited in France, Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia, India, Thailand, Taiwan, the Philippines, Australia, Canada and the USA. The project has won awards in Australia, Serbia, Canada and the USA.


North-South-East-West, the Flash interface, explores the Anishinabe Medicine Wheel – the 4 directions, the 4 seasons,  and the corresponding 4 challenges of life.

The ImagineNative Film + Media Arts Festival

ImagineNATIVE is the world’s largest presenter of Indigenous screen content. We are  committed to inspiring and connecting communities through original, Indigenous film and media arts. Our Festival, Tour, and year-round initiatives showcase, promote, and celebrate Canadian and international Indigenous filmmakers and media artists and create a greater understanding of Indigenous peoples, cultures, and artistic expressions.


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