Digital Giraffe California, Site of the Month

North-South-East-West at Digital Giraffe of California, January 2004.


Thompson’s North-South-East-West  was Site of the Month at the technology web site the Digital Giraffe of California in January 2004.


The Digital Giraffe

Corinne Whitaker founder of the Digital Giraffe in 1994, an online monthly art journal, is an American artist who works in digital imaging and digital sculpture.  Her work has been exhibited at the Biennale International Art Exhibition in Florence Italy, Austin Museum of Digital Art,  the Ansel Adams Center in San Francisco, the Peninsula Museum of Art in Burlingame,  the United States Biennale in New York City, the Evolve the Gallery in Sacramento, California,  the New York Digital Salon/Visual Arts Museum, the Centre for Photography as an Art-Form Bombay India,  the Atelier Nord Electronic Gallery Norway, the Cyberkind Electronic Journal, the Brandstater Gallery Riverside California, the Lightfantastic Gallery Michigan State University, the Institute for Design and Experimental Art Sacramento, the Museum of Art California, the Kansas City Art Institute Missouri, the Festival Internazionale di Computer Art Riccione Italy, and the John Michael Kohler Art Center Gallery,Wisconsin.


“Creating 3 dimensional forms electronically has been a holy grail for artists since Macintosh recreated the desktop in 1984. Parallel processing, multi-tasking, faster clock speeds and ever more powerful computers have finally brought us within reach of that goal. As is often the case, artists had to wait for technology to catch up with their visions.” … Corinne Whitaker

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