Int’l Fest of Touristic, Eco and Sport Films of Serbia

North-South-East-West wins Award from Int’l Film Festival of Serbia, September 2004.


North-South-East-West the video, also known as The First Sunrise won The Special Award of the Festival from MEFEST, the 12th International Festival of Touristic, Ecological and Sport Films held from September 23-26, 2004 in Zlatibor Serbia.


The First Sunrise

The First Sunrise was inspired by the meaning of the east, as taught by the Anishinaabe Peoples of North America. This video seeks to express the beauty, power and mystery of the east. As it is from the east that we witness the sunrise, the start of a new day and symbolically the birth of man and our universe.

The First Sunrise is apart of the “North-South-East-West” new media series. The series involves the use of Web sites, CD-ROMs, DVDs, digital video, streaming media and webcasts.



For 16 years MEFEST is depicted over 1,600 films, of which more than 800 from 50 countries. Great recognition for the quality and the unique concept of the program and the professional organization MEFEST received in 1996, when he was admitted to the European association of tourism film festival CIFFT, which is based in Vienna, and since 2007 a member of the newly formed association ITCO, the European Federation of Tourist Press , based in Rome.

MEFEST today that our film festival which, in every respect, be proud of Serbian culture and on its open window into the world of new media, culturally refined at the same time and educational. Thanks to the Festival was established in cooperation with other similar festivals in the world, which allows our authors to present their achievements and be recognized outside our country. In addition to the film program, the festival traditionally organized presentation of current topics that are related to tourism, ecology, cooking and sports.



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