Royal Common Wealth Society, London England

Mirror of Life wins the 2005 First Place Common Wealth Vision Award from Royal Common Wealth Society, London England.


Video Mirror of Life wins from the Royal Common Wealth Society in London England the First Place Common Wealth Vision Award for 2005. View online at . The video was created and directed by Gerald Betita, edited by Graham Thompson. The award was won in December 2005.


Mirror of Life

Winner of 2005 Commonwealth Vision Awards. This film was created and directed by Gerald Betita of Canada, The film illustrates dramatically the remarkably different health and vitality challenges faced by people living in different parts of the Commonwealth.The film uses people in similar poses, in a series of photos as well as actual footage, to show the different realities experienced by citizens of the Commonwealth — “holding a mirror” up to show us ourselves and to visually underscore the contrasts and differences in daily reality.


This film was shown in all Commonwealth countries. Music “Missa Papae Marcelli: I. Kyrie (feat. New College Choir, Oxford)” by Edward Higginbottom (Google PlayiTunes)


A history in common, a future in progress

The Royal Commonwealth Society, founded in 1868, is a network of individuals and organisations committed to improving the lives and prospects of Commonwealth citizens across the world.


Through youth empowerment, education and advocacy, the Royal Commonwealth Society promotes the value and the values of the Commonwealth. We champion human rights, democracy and sustainable development across the 52 member states which are intrinsically linked through their common history and shared values.


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