La Muestra Intl de Arte Digital, Argentina

Wendy exhibited in La Muestra Intl de Arte Digital of Venado Tuerto Argentina in 2006


International Digital Art Show in Venado Tuerto Argentina

The International Exhibition of Digital Art (MIAD) featured artists from over 50 countries including Dante Caputo and Alberto Magrim, Italy; Isabel Aranda, of Chile; Afonso de Luca Fonthor and Isabelle Christine Robot, Brazil; Andrea Lopez and David Sefami, of Mexico; Crafty Jose Flores and Maite Benet, of Spain; Ruth Adams, Silvia Poloto and William C. Hemming, US; Chris Marshall and Liliana Meloni, of Australia; Ingrid Kamerbeek, Germany; Sherry Tompalski, Barbara Mercer and Bruce Eves, Canada; Alina Smocov, Romania; Irwin Enrique Borja, of Venezuela; Jeannette Sanchez Mora, Costa Rica; José Vieira and Maria Emilia Silva Angelo of Portugal; Julie Berthelemy and Nita Bertaudiere, France; Mamta B. Herland, Norway; Margareth Degeling, Netherlands; Olga Gouskova, Belgium; among others.

The works, juried by artists Rochon, Claudio Priotti and Oscar Poliotto, were exhibited at Teatro Ideal. This project was founded by artist Oscar Poliotto. The project was supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Province of Venado Tuerto, Secretary of Culture of the Government of Santa Fe,  the provincial senator Ricardo Spinozzi, the provincial deputy Jorge Lagna, the head of the Cabinet of the Municipality of Venado Tuerto, José Freyre, the Mutual Association of Venado Tuerto, the company Powervt, Marcelo Olmos, director of the Provincial Museum of Fine Arts and Rosa Galisteo de Rodríguez of the city of Santa Fe.


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