Tompalski & Thompson’s New Sculpture

Tompalski & Thompson Selected for ArtsAlive Oak Bay Public Art Sculpture

Graham Thompson assembling “Oak Happiness” April 6, 2018 in the Oak Bay Public Works Yard

Tompalski & Thompson have been selected for the ArtsAlive 2018 Public Art program.  ArtsAlive is Oak Bay Parks, Recreation and Culture’s annual public sculpture program, where pieces are selected for an annual outdoor exhibition.

Sherry Tompalski viewing “Oak Happiness” April 6, 2018 in the Oak Bay Public Works Yard

“Oak Happiness” has taken in the wisdom and strength of our Garry oak trees suggesting we can also balance and strengthen ourselves by being one with nature.

Oak Bay Mayor Nils Jensen’s Twitter feed features Tompalski/Thompson’s Oak Happiness and Naturally Art Show Opening
“Oak Happiness” installed on the corner of  Oak Bay Avenue and Monterey Avenue in the Oak Bay Village, British Columbia, Canada

“Oak Happiness” is also a modern day Janus, a vibrant character with presence. He will be noticed and excite comment as he invites relationship in his colorful way. He is not fixed, can and will change, responding to the setting as he is transparent, so you can see into him as he takes in his surroundings.

SIde view of “Oak Happiness” on Oak Bay Avenue, Victoria British Columbia, Canada

His expression is interesting… curious, pensive, enigmatic or maybe surprised? Janus is the God of transitions, beginnings and endings, future and past, and so “Oak Happiness” is appropriately placed on the boundary of the Oak Bay Village. The sculpture was inspired by Oak Bay’s motto “Sub Quercu Felicitas”, Latin for “Happiness Under The Oaks”.

“Oak Happiness” at night on Oak Bay Avenue, Oak Bay, British Columbia, Canada

The “Oak Happiness” sculpture is 6 feet x 3 feet x 8 inches in size, and is made of 5 panels of painted aluminum and plexiglass. The work was created by artists Sherry Tomplski and Graham Thompson in 2018.

Special thanks goes to Barbara Adams and her tireless work as Oak Bay’s Arts Laureate and the Oak Bay News for this posting on page A12, May 25, 2018
Tompalski and Thompson’s sculpture “Year of the Horse” was installed 2014 at a private residence in the Ottawa Valley on Ontario, Canada.

Artist team Sherry Tompalski and Graham Thompson have collaborated in over 100 art projects in Europe, Asia and The Americas. Pictured above is one Tompalski & Thompson’s projects,  a sculpture entitled “Year of the Horse” installed at a private residence in 2014. The 3/8” sheet metal work, positioned on a concrete base is part of a 20 year art collaboration that includes multimedia refugee portraits, Medicine Wheel installations, art video exhibitions and tours of Europe and Asia.

Tompalski and Thompson’s sculpture “Year of the Horse” was installed 2014 at a private residence in the Ottawa Valley on Ontario, Canada.

Arts Alive 2017 Comes to a Close with Barbara Adams & Nils Jensen

The public art piece, titled The Nose Knows, was designed using recycled materials by Burnaby-artist Ron Simmer. The sculpture was selected for Oak Bay’s ArtAlive 2017 series which features thirteen public art pieces on display throughout the district.

“It certainly has prompted a lot of discussions in our neighbourhood,” said Mayor of Oak Bay Nils Jensen. “Nosy” doesn’t begin to describe the debate the work has whiffed up in the community over the last year. “Some people hate it and others love it,” said Oak Bay Arts Laureate Barbara Adams, who helped select the piece. “Regardless, it can’t be ignored.” The sculpture will be shipped to Palm Springs for another art exhibition. “I think art brings life to a community,” explained Adams. “People find out more about other people’s views. They become more of a community.” With kleenex in tow, dozens gathered this afternoon to give the nose one final sendoff and sneeze. “It was my favourite art piece in Oak Bay,” said one woman.




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