Victoria Arts Council Fort St. Gallery

“NATURALLY” opens May 25, 2018 at Victoria Arts Council Fort St. Gallery


“NATURALLY” the MULTIMEDIA SHOW opened 5PM May 25, 2018 at the Victoria Arts Council Gallery 636 Fort Street, Victoria, British Columbia V8W 3V2. 

Sherry Tompalski, standing outside the Victoria Arts Council office, is featured on the “Naturally” Show Poster. The poster includes Tompalski’s paintings “Multicoloured Seagull” and  “Queen Mother Gull”.

The Event featured seagull paintings and videos.  The show runs May 25th – May 31st, from 11AM to 8PM daily. 

Oak Bay BC Mayor Nils Jensen attended the May 25th Opening


Oak Bay Mayor Nils Jensen, an avid arts supporter, has a distinguished career of public service including his work as a Crown prosecutor and adjunct Professor at University of Victoria Faculty of Law, 15 years as a councilor in Oak Bay, Chair of the 2011 Budget Committee, Member of the Climate Change Task Force, Chair of the Secondary Suites Committee, Chair of the Floor Area Ratio Committee, Chair of the Regional Water Supply Commission (12 years), Trustee of the Greater Victoria Public Library Board, Vice-chair of CRD Emergency Service Telecommunications, and Council Liaison of the Emergency Planning Committee.


Naturally, breathing deeply and rhythmically, relax with total faith and complete confidence into the chaos, complexity and absurdity of our present life. This current work was inspired by Louise Blight’s PhD thesis on the declining fortunes of the Glaucous winged gull. (See PDF Glaucous-winged gulls Larus glaucescens as sentinels for a century of ecosystem change )


MAY 10, 2018 Media Release (Special thanks to Linda)

Victoria, BC The Single Seagull is at it again, appearing May 25-31, 2018, at the Victoria Arts Council Gallery, 636 Fort St., this time doing palm readings and inciting general revelry and silliness, all part of Naturally, the current exhibit of new seagull paintings and videos by local artists Sherry Tompalski and Graham Thompson.

“Our February show, Sex and the Single Seagull, was such fun,” says Thompson, ‘well, of course we had to have the chap back again. I mean, people are asking – did he ever find love? Only he seems to have grown! And has lately been revealing his extraordinary psychic gifts. We’re quite chuffed he’s agreed to come to our May 25, 5 PM opening!”

Partners in art and in life, Tompalski’s and Thompson’s work has been seen and won awards in Australia, Switzerland, the UK, Brazil, New York, the Phillippines.

The pair find the seagulls here ubiquitous and quite fascinating. “Everybody seems to find them such a bother,” says Thompson, ‘but of course, despite all the milky white proof of their existence everywhere, and their squawky overhead acrobatics, even a seagull needs love.”


‘Multicoloured Seagull’ and ‘Queen Mother Gull’ are just two of Tompalski’s new works on display, and if you’re amongst the first 20 guests at the opening, The Single 7’ Psychic Seagull might just make your palm reading a free one!

Also at the Naturally Art Show is Shelby Assemheimer’s new paintings and sculptures. Shelby says “My new work brings to mind the wonders of my garden; though minute in the grand scheme of things, they root the soul in all that matters.”

Sherry Tompalski’s  “Multicoloured Seagull” is acrylic on canvas, 12″ X 16″

The above video is from the February 2018 Sex and the Single Seagull Show. The YouTube video is describe as follows: HEAR YE! HEAR YE! The Queen Gull Cries! OUR FLOCK IS SHRINKING IN SIZE! (50% smaller in a few decades) A Trio of Gulls call out GO FORTH AND PROCREATE! And a Young Gull looks for a mate on the INTERNET. He Visits SEX SHOPS. Talks to FRIENDS, Tries to MEET new people. And He gets LUCKY – He meets a YOUNG SEXY GULL! There is a BONFIRE OF LOVE. And all ends well – WE HOPE! MUSIC BY

Learn how a group of gulls coped with Downsizing, embraced Internet Dating and found True Love. The show featured paintings by Sherry Tompalski, catalogs, photos, and videos by Graham Thompson.

100+ Painting & New Media Projects in Europe, Asia & Americas


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